Monday, August 17, 2009

The Wonder Girls fever in the Philippines

'Nobody' has almost everybody in Manila doing the "clap-clap-point" dance step.

Confused? Sounds like Korean to you? That's because it is.

South Korean girl group, The Wonder Girls with members Sunye, Ye-eun, Sunmi, Sohee and Yubin, is currently taking Manila - and the whole of Asia - by storm with their infectious single, “Nobody.”

A big hit in Korea since early 2008, The Wonder Girls has crossed over to Manila in such a big way that even the world-famous Cebu inmates have a video which show the boys dancing to the song.

Prominent in the video is the "clap-clap-point" dance step, which in other homemade videos, show performances by a group of Korean policemen, die-cast "Transformers" action figures and the novelty group Wonder Boys.

The Wonder Girls was created by Korean singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young (known as the Korean Michael Jackson) and they are signed to his talent agency JYP Entertainment. The girl group was introduced via their own show on MTV called “MTV Wonder Girls”.

To date, The Wonder Girls has released a mini-album (“The Wonder Begins”), three full-length albums (“The Wonder Years”, “So Hot” and “The Wonder Years Trilogy”) and they have earned two Daesangs (their equivalent to the Grammy's).

They have three consecutive Number Ones under their belts: “Tell Me”, “So Hot” and “Nobody”

The Wonder Girls recently joined the Jonas Brothers North American Tour. The girls' US debut album is up for release next year.

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Korean Weekly Album Sales as of 2009.08.09 ~ 2009.08.15

1. (NEW) DBSK - All About TVXQ Version.3
Weekly Sales: 9,490 copies.
Total Sales: 9,490 copies.
Average Sales (per day): 1300-1400

2. (-1) 2NE1 - The First Mini Album
Weekly Sales: 7,222 copies.
Total Sales: 53,000 copies.
Average Sales (per day): 1000-1100

3. (-1) Drunken Tiger 8th Album - Feel Good Music: The 8th Wonder!
Weekly Sales: 3,820 copies.
Total Sales: 56,000 copies.
Average Sales (per day): 500-600

4. 에프티 아일랜드(Ft Island) 3집 - Cross & Change
Weekly Sales: 3,334 copies.

5. 엠씨 몽(MC Mong) 5집 - Humaniamal
Weekly Sales: 3,037 copies.

6. Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 3 – Sound G
Weekly Sales: 2,956 copies.

7. 2PM - 2:00pm Time for a Change
Weekly Sales: 2,794 copies.

8. SNSD mini-album Vol. 2 – Tell Me Your Wish
Weekly Sales: 2,511 copies.

9. DBSK - 3rd Asia Tour Concert 'Mirotic'
Weekly Sales: 2,308 copies.

10. Big Bang: Big Show 2009 Live Concert
Weekly Sales: 2,254 copies.

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Ella: Cheerful Before Everyone, Despairs Behind the Scenes; Attempted to Cut Her Wrist When Parents Fell Out

ELLA: Cheerful Before Everyone, Despairs Behind the Scenes; Attempted to Cut Her Wrist When Parents Fell Out
“My mother is a very traditional woman. Despite nobody ever offered her words of praise, she would never grumble.”

Being in the entertainment industry for 9 years, Ella has always given others an image of being a “Kai Xin Guo” (lit transl: source / bundle of joy). But recently in S.H.E’s new pictorial book - [3 Spas of Love], she revealed on the darkness period of her growing up years which nobody knew. One of the most startling incidents was her near-attempt to cut her own wrist with a knife (for cutting fruits) due to her parents’ constant quarrels, “Are you both satisfied only if I do this (cut own wrist)?” Fortunately Ella’s grandfather managed to snatch the knife away in time, so as not to result in a regrettable tragedy.

Being a filial daughter, each year during the Chinese New Year, Ella would organize a barbeque party at her home in Pingtung. Her parents would also follow her everywhere to watch S.H.E’s concert performances and her whole family will be very happy.

But in the book, Ella shared on her experiences during her schooling days when she was troubled by her parents’ constant quarrelling. As her father was more of a male chauvinist and a very obstinate and “man” guy, and in addition, Ella’s grandmother did not really like her mother; thus her mother had a very difficult time at home.

The 28-year old Ella shared, with such family problems, she was under tremendous pressure and her mood was gloomy then. Each day, she would be worrying in school, whether her parents were fighting at home. In her heart then, she would reproach her father, and pondered what wrong has her mother done to deserve such harsh treatment. Thus, finally on the day when Ella’s bottled up emotions exploded, she stood before her parents with the knife in her hands and shouted, “How do you expect me to concentrate in my studies in school, while you are constantly fighting?”

In response to these past experiences, Ella does not wish to elaborate any further and said, “I have shared what I could, and have no further wish to dwell on the pains of my family in the past.” To her mother, Ella full of heartaches and loved her dearly. She described, “My mother is a very traditional woman. This means that despite she could be very busy and working (household chores) till she nearly drop dead, and nobody offer her any words of praise, she would never grumble even a word.” Ella made a wish to become a “Little Sun”, and to use all her might to bring shine and brightness to everyone and protect them, and she added, “Especially for my mother.” Perhaps, this is really her biggest motivation to become a “Kai Xin Guo” for everyone now.

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S.H.E’s “Kai Xin Guo” Unhappy

- Due to Family: During her schooling days, Ella’s parents were constantly fighting. Once, she was so affected and worked up that she threatened to cut her own wrist with a knife.

- Due to Work: Having rose to fame quickly after entering the entertainment industry, Ella nearly suffered from depression due to work stress, and attempted to write her will to leave everything behind.

- Due to Love: Ella shed tears of heartbreak after her break-up as she reminisced about the past relationship, during the times she was flying to and fro due to work commitment.

[Down With Love] Hectic Filming – Michael Zhang “Accidentally” Kisses Jerry Yan

Idol drama [Down With Love] is in the midst of hectic filming in Hangzhou, and the cast members include Jerry Yan, Ella and Michael Zhang etc. When sharing on his most impressionable scene while filming, Zhang shared, “I have kissing scenes with almost every actress in the serial, with the exception of Su Fei (starring Jade Liu Li Yang).” He even revealed there was actually a “kissing scene” between Jerry Yan and himself. “In that scene, I was supposed to go kiss Ella, but Jerry suddenly popped his head over and the scene ended as a kiss between Jerry and myself.”

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Sunday, August 9, 2009


2NE1 has won their 3rd consecutive #1 on music charts.

The group’s current hit song ‘I Don’t Care’ is #1 again on music site Monkey3 for the 5th week of July (27th July – 2nd August). The song went on the chart at #11 and in just 2 weeks’ time it went up to the #1 position and this is their 3rd week winning #1.

Meanwhile, Park MyungSoo and Jessica’s duet ‘NaengMyun’ is at #2 and Future Liger (Tiger JK, Yoo JaeSeok and Yoon MiRae)’s ‘Let’s Dance’ is at #4 – both songs were from the special episode for Infinite Challenge.

And Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ is at #3 on the chart in just 2 weeks.

Rest of the chart results:

1. 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’
2. Park MyungSoo, Jessica ‘NaengMyun’
3. Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’
4. Future Liger ‘Let’s Dance’
5. FT Island ‘I Hope’
6. SNSD ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
7. MC Mong ‘Indian Boy’
8. Lee Seung Gi ‘Will you marry me’
9. 4Minute ‘Hot Issue’
10. 2NE1 ‘Pretty Boy

Newcomer group T-ara is also at #13 with the song ‘Lies’, and KARA’s comeback song ‘Wanna’ is at #22 on the chart.

source: kbites

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Meet Hapontastic’s newest sweetheart Ciara in Miss No Good premiering tomorrow, Aug. 10, on ABS-CBN.

Ciara, whose voice will be dubbed by Meryll Soriano, is a jewelry store owner with no sense of style at all. She doesn’t really care much about her looks until one fateful day, she saw her then chubby childhood best friend Timmy who now happens to be a successful, good-looking and fit young man.

When they were still kids, the two promised each other that they will get married when they grow up. So Ciara has decided to give herself a complete makeover. She will accidentally meet Arvin, a fashion stylist who happens to be Timmy’s best friend, and help her.

Things are going as planned until Ciara finds out that Timmy is already betrothed to a classy and sophisticated young woman.

Miss No Good airs before Boys Over Flowers.

Another hit from Rainie Yang

source:Philippine star

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Top 10 Mandarin Albums (July 31 - August 6)

1. New Artist Family (新藝人家族) and ‘Faith Map’ (信心地圖) with 30.73% sales
2. Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) and ‘Princess’ (王妃) with 14.62% sales
3. Nylon Chen (陳乃榮) and ‘Paradise’ with 4.22% sales
4. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) and ‘Butterfly’ (花蝴蝶) with 3.46% sales
5. Ariel Lin (林依晨) and ‘Meeting Happiness’ (幸福遇見) with 3.19% sales
6. Xiao Yu (小宇) and ‘Just Standing Here’ (就站在這裡) with 2.83%sales
7. Zhou Bi Chang (周筆暢) and ‘Time’ (時間) with 2.69% sales
8. Jerry Yan (言承旭) and ‘Freedom’ (多出來的自由:秘密自遊) with 2.44% sales
9. Musou Band (無雙樂團) and ‘Musou’ (無雙) with 1.78% sales (NEW!)
10. Shelly Kao (高瑞欣) and ‘Loudly Say Love You’ (大聲說愛你) with 1.68% sales (NEW!

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